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The year 2019 is special for Russian geodesy and cartography: it is 100 years since the establishment of the State Cartographic and Geodetic Services Agency. Оn March 18-20, 2020 2nd International Conference "Geodesy, Cartography and Digital Reality" will take place. It is held by Roscartography JSC together with the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and the Federal Service of State Registration, Land Register and Mapping.

The Conference will become the base platform for the decisions in geodesy, cartography and related sciences, the formation of partnership and cooperation for the effective implementation of the Government program Digital Economy of Russian Federation, the commercialization of geospatial data, the creation of innovative solutions, and the strengthening the legal framework of the industry.


Main topics of the Conference:

  • Needs of the new digital economy in geospatial data. Problems and challenges;

  • State policy in the field of geospatial data. Strategy of Development of the industry;

  • Legal and regulatory framework, normative-technical regulation;

  • Security restrictions;

  • Unified electronic cartographic base;

  • Innovative technologies, products and services;

  • Experience of industry leaders.

Representatives of scientific organizations, universities, managers and specialists of Russian and foreign companies, as well as state and local government bodies are invited to participate in the conference.


The conference will be attended by top managers of:

  • The Ministry of Economic Development;

  • The Ministry of Defense;

  • The Ministry of Industry and Trade;

  • The Ministry for Development of Russian Far East;

  • The Ministry of Agriculture;

  • The Ministry of Construction and Housing;

  • The Transport Ministry;

  • The Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media;

  • The Ministry of Energy;

  • The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM;

  • The State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS.

Maxim Akimov

The work of surveyors and cartographers has always been targeted the needs of the State in precise and actual geodetic and cartographic products necessary in all areas of the economy, as well as to ensure the defense capability and security of the Russian Federation. To commemoration the anniversary of the industry, as well as in order to form public opinion relevant to the increased importance of the industry in the view of new challenges of the Digital Economy Program, Roscartography JSC decided to organize the Conference. I am confident that the Forum will be held in a friendly and creative environment and will bring tangible results.

Menno-Jan Kraak

Our discipline has changes dramatically during these years due to societal and technological developments. Today we create mobile dynamic sensor driven smart map solutions that allows for informed decision making in many applications.

On a global scale, and especially within ICA we exchange information about these developments in the activities of our Commissions and during our conferences. Russia has alway played a prominent role in our organization, and Moskva was host of our conference in 1976 and 2007. I do hope this involvement in ICA by Russian cartographers will be continued.

Victor Adrov

On my own behalf and on behalf of Racurs, I welcome the idea of holding a conference “Geodesy and Cartography in the Digital Economy Era. Challenges and development prospects. ” The history of our company is only a quarter of the 100th anniversary of the State Cartographic and Geodesy Service of the country, but we have passed them together and are proud of it. Definitely,  a wide exchange of information and joint solution of urgent tasks is an express condition for the development of the industry today. Racurs will take an active part in the upcoming conference.

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